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From Atlanta to Salt Lake City, we look at the options.

Voters are heading to the polls in a state Senate special election that will decide which party will be in power.

A state by state look at the politicians who climbed to the top of the ladder.

Recall fever in Colorado may not be over just yet.

Business interests are out. Conservative activists are in.

The federal government hasn't shut down in 17 years. But state governments have shut down plenty of times since then.

GovBeat's Niraj Chokshi breaks down the fallout from last week's food stamps vote.

What state has the highest poverty rate? What about the lowest? How many Americans are living below the poverty line? Take this terrific quiz on the Post's GovBeat blog. Make yourself smarter.

Of the 32 successful recalls in the United States since 1911, one third — 11 — have taken place since 2011.

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