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The Washington Post

Scandal -- not legislation -- is expected to dominate the week on Capitol Hill.

Republicans have begun a quiet campaign to promote another candidate for Secretary of State -- Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) -- which would lead to a special election.

Republicans continue to go after Susan Rice, and a new poll suggests the strategy is working.

While Graham is Obama's most vocal critic on Libya, he's set to become perhaps his most important ally on immigration -- all while hoping to avoid a tough primary in 2014.

Rep. Mike Rogers says the National Security Council Deputies Committee changed what had been correct talking points.

Sen. Joe Lieberman it was "irresponsible" for there not to be more security in place to protect the four State Department officials who were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, in September.

And as the two sides settle in for a high-profile negotiations about the future of the American economy, the well of bipartisanship has certainly been poisoned -- at least a little, and maybe a lot.

The GOP's top foreign policy surrogate took a hard line against the administration's handling of Libya, setting the tone for the final week of the campaign.

The president was on the attack in the third debate, while Mitt Romney seemed content to pass the "commander in chief" test. Here's why...

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