The Washington Post

Research shows that who people expect to win can be a better predictor than actual topline poll numbers.

Young voters have rallied to Clinton — big league. And they're a major reason she's leading.

The Trump campaign has used a combination of cherry-picked polls and misleading data visualization to paint a cheerier picture of their prospects on election day.

Donald Trump's path to 270 votes is so narrow you almost can't see it anymore.

Clinton's [lead or deficit] tells a story about trends, not about final results.

Eight years ago, the two parties split high-school-educated whites. Now, the GOP leads by 26 points.

Two-thirds see the next generation living in a worse America. Eighty percent think life for people like them has declined.

How can the world's simplest fact-check be so painfully funny?

The polls are not wrong, the election is not rigged and social media doesn't tell us who will win.

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