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What kind of speech is worth that much money?

This was a week that reminded us, in case we needed such a reminder, that the world turns, that times change, societies evolve, and there is no turning back.

No, they both can't fly.

When you are president, it is always game time. You have to perform. There are no excuses. Ask LeBron.

Pity her.

At the moment, the three scandals consuming the Obama administration don't quite measure up to Watergate.

This was the week when we talked about Benghazi, and agonized over Syria, and watched the lawmakers maneuver on the debt and immigration. But the story that we couldn’t stop thinking about was the one in Cleveland.

We’re all so connected now, like individual neurons in a giant brain-in-a-vat. We’re having an ongoing, loud, disjointed conversation.

It seems that the third week in April has become our time of calamity.

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