Humans will now serve a janitorial role in the process, while the algorithms take even more control.

When it comes to online harassment, “women of color are the canaries in the coal mine. They get both the racism and sexism," one expert said.

A popular meme-making bot is either the apex of Internet culture. . .or its most nihilist depths.

The 'Ghostbusters' and SNL star had recently been the target of online harassment.

Kenneth Goldsmith taught a college course where students could get credit for wasting time online.

The Cincinnati Zoo has deleted its Twitter account a day after the zoo asked the Internet stop making so many Harambe memes.

Man it's a hot one.

First things first: A "daddy" on the Internet is not a literal dad.

The author's magical world keeps expanding, but some fans prefer the wizard world in their own heads.

Facebook built the world's best ad platform by tracking your behavior online and off it.

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