Based on the exact words you type into the search bar, “Google is giving you drastically different information."

This is how it feels to be singled out on Twitter by the leader of the free world.

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A viral tweet offering retirement advice to older millennials became a mocking meme on Twitter.


Somewhere in the world, there’s a painting that looks like you. And Google will find it.

Google's Arts & Culture app will tell you if you're a full-on Monet.

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The NRA's Twitter account used to go silent for days after a mass shooting. That's all changed in 2018.

This is not a smart analysis of the science behind the viral meme. We're talking about online desperation.

Classic SNL sketches will stream on the platform leading up to the show's season finale.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and “Yanny or Laurel” is now he new “The Dress” debate.

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The "deodorant challenge" is dangerous. But the warnings about it might be going more viral than the challenge itself.

YouTubers who fall ill have a choice: try to keep the illness private, or incorporate this new part of their lives into their online persona.

"Does this post contain hate speech?” Facebook asked, on everything from news articles to cat pictures.

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