Katelyn Nicole Davis broadcast her suicide on a live stream app called Live.me.

 “Perhaps the software engineers didn't quite puzzle together the kind of monster they were creating."

Twitter has a troll problem. And for a long time, it has struggled to explain to its users how, exactly, it plans to solve it.

"The Twitter Rules prohibit targeted harassment, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies,” a spokesperson said.

Facebook has rules about what is and is not allowed on their platforms. But it's almost impossible to moderate live video in real time.

"They're good dogs, Brent."

A day after Wendy's Twitter account was praised for “owning” a troll, it tweeted out a meme that's increasingly been associated with white supremacist trolls.

The social networking service cracks down on “hateful conduct.” But is this policy working?

When investigators sifted through the wreckage, they found Garrett Wilhelm's iPhone, still running FaceTime.

While many have found Internet culture in 2016 to be irredeemable, this past year wasn't all bad on the Internet.

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