Viewers cheered on a YouTuber who beat, killed and tormented an "annoying feminist" character in the game.

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Here's a fun meme to joke about the toll time has taken on your body and soul.

Social media posts showing your ballot on Election Day are against the law in some states.


Somewhere in the world, there’s a painting that looks like you. And Google will find it.

Google's Arts & Culture app will tell you if you're a full-on Monet.

On a whim, a photographer captured a wedding proposal in Yosemite National Park. More than a week later, the couple learned that he was looking for them.

Robert Bowers, the suspected gunman in the Pittsburgh shooting, was believed to have an account on Gab.

Yes Theory, a YouTube channel with 2.5 million subscribers, claimed credit for the photo in a video posted Sunday.

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Some are convinced Cesar Sayoc is a liberal plant, and no amount of information may be enough to convince them otherwise.

T-Series, an Indian YouTube channel that taps into the popularity of Bollywood, is about to overtake him.

Once, false flag conspiracy theories lived in the online fringes. They're now an inevitable response to breaking news stories with political implications

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A meme that's tricking people into clicking on links to a voter registration page has become the latest viral way to attention police young people.

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