"Let me see what you have.” “A knife!” “NO!”

A majority of Amazon customers got an email on Tuesday telling them a gift was purchased from their baby registry.

Other new words include "Internet of Things," "bibimbap" and "sriracha."

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From Bodega to Soylent, Silicon Valley has a knack for “inventing” things that have actually been around for a long time.

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Shkreli was free on bail after his conviction in August. Yet all the while, his untoward antics continued. Perhaps the judge should've seen this coming.

"I feel in the long run I didn't do anything wrong,” Mark Meechan told Alex Jones.

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"I'm disappointed in myself,” he added. “It seems like I've learned nothing from all these past controversies."

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An updating guide to the viral myths and hoaxes on the Internet about Hurricane Irma.

Dan Scavino said he was regularly sharing Irma images with the president as he showed off a video of the wrong storm.

Friends and family scoured the Internet in Irma's wake for information on their loved ones. Many found only silence.

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