Solange Knowles at the Met gala where she (in)famously kicked Jay-Z in an elevator. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

The Internet moves quickly. If you step away for even a moment — to, say, eat a meal, partake in an IRL conversation, or, God forbid, sleep — you’ll miss the latest/Average cat video or bizarre Internet meme. This hilarious churn is, in part, why I write this e-mail newsletter called “Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends,” which goes out every day in the mid-to-late afternoon. It’s also why, from now until you tire of it, I’m going to collect some of the best links from the newsletter into a weekly post for your weekend perusal/distraction.

Without further ado, these are the 25 best things I spotted on the Internet last week:

Tara the hero cat in action. (Youtube)

Tara the hero cat in action. (Youtube)

  1. Vox explains Solange, comically
  2. The video that required Solange-splaining to begin with
  3. This interactive on the interconnectedness of ideas
  4. Dumb domains
  5. The best charts ever charted
  6. A forthcoming Ikea museum
  7. This chronicle of the country’s most litigious copyright-claimer (it’s a porn Web site, spoiler alert)
  8. Macaulay Culkin wearing a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin
  9. This series of James Beard-nominated #longreads from Lucky Peach
  10. This video of a baby trying to stay awake
  11. This GIF of a U.S. Congressman picking his ear … and eating it
  12. A convincing defense of selfies
  13. “Snowfalling” Drake
  14. #BabyEyebrows
  15. Emoji fortunes
  16. LazyCoin (… the cryptocurrency you produce by doing nothing)
  17. The truth about the ice-cream truck song
  18. This video of Tara the cat saving a child from a dog
  19. This complete oral history of “The West Wing”
  20. Dogs groomed to look like pandas
  21. Murals painted to look like GIFs
  22. A weirdly moving poem in defense of technology
  23. Slate’s fast-food-name generator
  24. This list of dreadful Yahoo Answers questions that will destroy your faith in humanity
  25. A Twitter bot that makes “hipster bait”

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