Harry Styles fan fiction will soon get a real-life book. This, needless to say, is a wax figure. (EPA/JEROEN JUMELET)

The Internet moves quickly. If you step away for even a moment — to, say, eat a meal, partake in an IRL conversation, or, God forbid, sleep — you’ll miss the latest/greatest cat video or bizarre Internet meme. This hilarious churn is, in part, why I write this e-mail newsletter called “Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends,” which goes out every day in the mid to late afternoon. It’s also why, from now until you tire of it, I’m going to collect some of the best links from the newsletter into a weekly post for your weekend perusal/distraction.

Without further ado, these are the 22 best things I spotted on the Internet last week:

  1. Myspace blackmail
  2. Digital gerrymandering
  3. President Obama working out
  4. 40 maps that explain the Internet
  5. 11 tweets from space
  6. This video of a baby “choreographing” modern dance
  7. This pleasantly buoyant perspective on Internet hate
  8. Maureen Dowd’s unfortunate run-in with marijuana candy
  9. Inside the demise of a beloved online radio station
  10. One Direction fan fiction that’s been read 800 million (!!) times
  11. BaneCat, the Internet’s scariest cat
  12. Shereads, a Kickstarter for lit by ladies
  13. What Ikea says about the human condition
  14. Alain de Botton’s argument against Twitter
  15. Slate’s argument against saying the Internet “hates” things
  16. This Youtube video on being #ProudtoPlay
  17. This wedding party’s disastrous photo shoot
  18. The world’s least self-aware tweet
  19. What it means when someone favorites your tweets (according to science)
  20. On nostalgia, especially re: technology
  21. This video of a panda baby trying to climb bamboo 
  22. The intense discussion of Creepypasta and Slender Man — despite the disturbing event that inspired it

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