Note: This post was originally published in June 2014. We’ve updated and republished it to commemorate Grace’s departure from HLN — but hopefully, hopefully, not from Twitter.

Nancy Grace is many things: an outsized TV personality, a cultural lightning rod, a former failed contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” … and a veritable Twitter gem.

We can only hope that, as she departs her long-running HLN TV show, she’ll keep up the unhinged hashtags.

Grace, who has been tweeting since 2008, inadvertently pioneered a hashtag style all her own: Back when hashtags were still used chiefly to organize conversations, Grace flung them around as a type of editorial. She coined #MicrowaveBaby and #DwarfSexSting. #BoxofInfants and #PotTot. She appended her absurdly lurid, exaggeratedly tabloid labels to everything from incest and dismemberment to pancakes and pot. Really, Grace should get a footnote in the annals of hashtag rap — she really got the hashtag as a creative device. (Or, just as likely, she didn’t get it at all, and her tweets are just happy, oblivious accidents.)

We don’t know which, and we don’t know what’s next for Grace, exactly. But we hope she keeps tweeting. And in the meantime, we’ll fondly remember her accidental Twitter comedy.