The iPhone Photography Awards announced winners this week — this image won third place. (Jill Missner/IPPA)

The Internet moves quickly. If you step away for even a moment — to, say, eat a meal, partake in an IRL conversation, or, God forbid, sleep — you’ll miss the latest/greatest cat video or bizarre Internet meme. This hilarious churn is, in part, why I write this e-mail newsletter called “Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends,” which goes out every day in the mid to late afternoon. It’s also why, from now until you tire of it, I’m going to collect some of the best links from the newsletter into a weekly post for your weekend perusal/distraction.

Without further ado, these are the 28 best things I spotted on the Internet last week:

  1. The problem with “digital democracy”
  2. “Orange is the New Black,” but with cats
  3. The inventor of autocorrect
  4. The stars of the Vine economy
  5. The argument against Yelp, by celebrity chef David Chang
  6. The argument for Facebook, instead of
  7. 15 crazy facts about Buzzfeed that will totally blow your mind
  8. 9 celebrity fad diets photographed as still-life paintings
  9. 25 street murals preserved by Google
  10. This pug wedding
  11. That weird White House/Tumblr meet-and-greet
  12. The online cult of Martha Stewart
  13. The sleeping habits of geniuses
  14. The adorable, uncannily talented beagle who plays soccer
  15. The TSA’s Instagrams
  16. Nancy Grace’s tweets
  17. The old tech behind Sir Mix-a-Lot
  18. This essay on weird corporate Twitter
  19. This essay on Britney Spears as feminist role model
  20. This (prescient?) short story on the logical conclusions of modern tech
  21. The Snapchats of Snapchat’s most obnoxious rich kids
  22. A guide to using tech “like a teenager”
  23. A guide to quitting Amazon
  24. A humanizing map of the Internet
  25. Shazam, except for birds
  26. Upworthy’s existential crisis
  27. The best iPhone photographers
  28. And last, also probably least: ಠ_ಠ

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