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A complete-ish list of the 200+ new emoji Unicode introduced today

A selection of new emoji, published on Unicode’s blog. (Unicode)
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Users have long agitated for more — and more diverse — emoji, arguing that the popular Japanese pictographs simply don’t contain enough characters for modern, global communication. Today, with the release of Unicode Version 7, the organization that standardizes text across the software industry has responded … albeit not the way many users had hoped.

Unicode’s list of “approximately 250” new emoji, which are highlighted in yellow in the new unicode charts released today, include lots of useful (and diverting!) symbols. There’s a hot pepper, a chipmunk, an admission ticket, a hand with a raised middle finder … a fax. But they don’t introduce the racial and cultural diversity many had asked for, with the possible exception of a few new religious icons: several variations on the cross and a symbol for “om.”

Of course, as Unicode has had to explain many times over, it just standardizes the basic body of text across platforms — it doesn’t chose how they look on your computer or phone. That’s up to developers like Apple, who decide how to render Unicode characters … as well as which characters to render, at all. Just because the middle finger shows up in the Unicode charts, for instance, doesn’t mean it’ll be coming to an iPhone near you. And just because Unicode didn’t forcibly introduce diversity into this new version doesn’t mean that Apple couldn’t make that change independently. (In fact, the company indicated in March that it plans to do so.)

You can see Unicode’s basic black-and-white renderings of the new emoji on its charts for emoticons, transport and map symbols and miscellaneous symbols and pictographs. While the organization hasn’t compiled a single list of new emoji — and told The Post in an email that they didn’t “know anything about Emojipedia,” the emoji Web site circulating such a list — they did say the new characters were indicated on Unicode’s charts in yellow, and that there were “approximately 250” in total.

These are, in no particular order, all the new emoji we counted on those charts.

  1. Slightly frowning face
  2. Slightly smiling face
  3. Triangle with rounded corners
  4. Prohibited sign
  5. Circled information source
  6. Boys symbol
  7. Girls symbol
  8. Couch and lamp
  9. Sleeping accommodation
  10. Shopping bags
  11. Bellhop bell
  12. Hammer and wrench
  13. Shield
  14. Oil drum
  15. Motorway
  16. Railway train
  17. Motor boat
  18. Up-pointing military airplane
  19. Up-pointing airplane
  20. Up-pointing small airplane
  21. Small airplane
  22. Northeast-pointing airplane
  23. Airplane departure
  24. Airplane arriving
  25. Satellite
  26. Oncoming fire engine
  27. Diesel locomotive
  28. Passenger ship
  29. Thermometer
  30. Black droplet
  31. White sun
  32. = sunny
  33. White sun with small cloud
  34. White sun behind cloud
  35. White sun behind cloud with rain
  36. Cloud with rain
  37. Cloud with snow
  38. Cloud with lightning
  39. Cloud with tornado
  40. Fog
  41. Wind blow
  42. Hot pepper
  43. Fork and knife with plate
  44. Heart with tip on the left
  45. Bouquet of flowers
  46. Military medal
  47. Reminder ribbon
  48. Musical keyboard with jacks
  49. Studio microphone
  50. Level slider
  51. Control knob
  52. Beamed ascending musical notes
  53. Beamed descending musical notes
  54. Film frames
  55. Admission tickets
  56. Sports medal
  57. Weight lifter
  58. Golfer
  59. Racing motorcycle
  60. Racing car
  61. Snow capped mountain
  62. Camping
  63. Beach with umbrella
  64. Building construction
  65. House buildings
  66. Cityscape
  67. Derelict house building
  68. Classical building
  69. Desert
  70. Desert island
  71. National park
  72. Stadium
  73. House buildings
  74. White pennant
  75. Black pennant
  76. Waving white flag
  77. Waving black flag
  78. Rosette
  79. Black rosette
  80. Label
  81. Chipmunk
  82. Eye
  83. Camera with flash
  84. Film projector
  85. Portable stereo
  86. Lower right shadowed white circle
  87. Upper right shadowed white circle
  88. Notched right semicircle with three dots
  89. Symbol for marks chapter
  90. White Latin cross
  91. Heavy Latin cross
  92. Celtic cross
  93. Om symbol
  94. Dove of peace
  95. Right speaker
  96. Right speaker with one sound wave
  97. Right speaker with three sound waves
  98. Bullhorn
  99. Bullhorn with sound waves
  100. Ringing bell
  101. Book
  102. Candle
  103. Mantelpiece clock
  104. Black skull and crossbones
  105. No piracy
  106. Hole
  107. Man in business suit levitating
  108. Sleuth or spy
  109. Dark sunglasses
  110. Spider
  111. Spider web
  112. Joystick
  113. Left hand telephone receiver
  114. Telephone receiver with page
  115. Right hand telephone receiver
  116. White touch-tone telephone
  117. Black touch-tone telephone
  118. Telephone on top of modem
  119. Clamshell mobile phone
  120. Back of envelope
  121. Stamped envelope
  122. Envelope with lightning
  123. Flying envelope
  124. Pen over stamped envelope
  125. Linked paperclips
  126. Black pushpin
  127. Lower left pencil
  128. Lower left ballpoint pen
  129. Lower left fountain pen
  130. Lower left paintbrush
  131. Lower left crayon
  132. Left writing hand
  133. Turned okay hand sign
  134. Raised hand with fingers splayed
  135. Reversed raised hand with fingers splayed
  136. Reversed thumbs up sign
  137. Reversed thumbs down sign
  138. Reversed victory hand
  139. Reversed hand with middle finger extended
  140. Raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers
  141. White down pointing left hand index
  142. Sideways white left pointing index
  143. Sideways white right pointing index
  144. Sideways black left pointing index
  145. Sideways black right pointing index
  146. Black left pointing backhand index
  147. Black right pointing backhand index
  148. Sideways white up pointing index
  149. Sideways white down pointing index
  150. Sideways black up pointing index
  151. Sideways black down pointing index
  152. Black up pointing backhand index
  153. Black down pointing backhand index
  154. Desktop computer
  155. Keyboard and mouse
  156. Three networked computers
  157. Printer
  158. Pocket calculator
  159. Black hard shell floppy disk
  160. White hard shell floppy disk
  161. Soft shell floppy disk
  162. Tape cartridge
  163. Wired keyboard
  164. One button mouse
  165. Two button mouse
  166. Three button mouse
  167. Trackball
  168. Old personal computer
  169. Hard disk
  170. Screen
  171. Printer icon
  172. Fax icon
  173. Optical disc icon
  174. Document with text
  175. Document with text and picture
  176. Document with picture
  177. Frame with picture
  178. Frame with tiles
  179. Frame with an x
  180. Black folder
  181. Folder
  182. Open folder
  183. Card index dividers
  184. Card file box
  185. File cabinet
  186. Empty note
  187. Empty note page
  188. Empty note pad
  189. Note
  190. Note page
  191. Note pad
  192. Empty document
  193. Empty page
  194. Empty pages
  195. Document
  196. Page
  197. Pages
  198. Wastebasket
  199. Spiral note pad
  200. Spiral calendar pad
  201. Desktop window
  202. Minimize
  203. Maximize
  204. Overlap
  205. Clockwise right and left semicircle
  206. Arrows
  207. Cancellation x
  208. Increase font size symbol
  209. Decrease font size symbol
  210. Compression
  211. Old key
  212. Rolled-up newspaper
  213. Page with circled text
  214. Stock chart
  215. Dagger knife
  216. Lips
  217. Speaking head in silhouette
  218. Three rays above
  219. Three rays below
  220. Three rays left
  221. Three rays right
  222. Left speech bubble
  223. Right speech bubble
  224. Two speech bubbles
  225. Three speech bubbles
  226. Left thought bubble
  227. Right thought bubble
  228. Left anger bubble
  229. Right anger bubble
  230. Mood bubble
  231. Lightning mood bubble
  232. Lightning mood
  233. Ballot box with ballot
  234. Ballot script x
  235. Ballot box with script x
  236. Ballot bold script x
  237. Ballot box with bold script x
  238. Light check mark
  239. Ballot box with bold check
  240. World map