Internet, meet @britishmuseum. @Britishmuseum, meet the Internet. It can’t be easy making antiquities sound relevant and buzzy in this breakneck digital age. And yet, the Twitter account for one of world’s largest and most comprehensive history museums manages a constant stream of current events jokes, #throwbackthursdays … and lately, branded World Cup tweets.

Branded World Cup tweets? Uh-oh. That genre of Twitter weirdness has proved quite exhaustible, already.

And yet, @britishmuseum’s idiosyncratic “soccer” tweets are actually worth following. Maybe because they’re just photos of parallel relics from the museum’s archives, a nice reminder that (a) we’re all the same in the end and (b) none of this really matters. Or maybe it’s because they refrain from making Luis Suarez jokes, which are getting old. In either case, these are some of the best World Cup tweets out there. You can see more of the museum’s social media musings here.