The Internet moves quickly. If you step away for even a moment — to, say, eat a meal, partake in an IRL conversation or, God forbid, sleep — you’ll miss the latest/greatest cat video, thought-provoking essay or bizarre Internet meme. This hilarious churn is, in part, why I write this e-mail newsletter called “Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends,” which goes out every day in the mid to late afternoon. It’s also why, from now until you tire of it, I’m going to collect some of the best links from the newsletter into a weekly post for your weekend perusal/distraction.

Without further ado, these are the 21 best things I spotted on the Internet last week:

  1. This rare interview with the guys behind embattled social network Ask.fm
  2. These trippy animated GIFs of modern buildings
  3. An experiment in sending texts as calligraphy
  4. OkCupid’s least romantic message
  5. The blogger who performs psychoanalyses … based on your emoji
  6. A pitch-perfect short video on the falseness of Facebook
  7. This essay on the accidental art of Google Maps
  8. This essay on “the new abstinence” — not Googling your dates
  9. World Cup memes
  10. World Cup Tinder
  11. Wired’s multi-part guide to good etiquette online
  12. These live tweets from a woman trapped in her bedroom by her cats
  13. A bizarrely well-produced remake of Game of Thrones … with pugs
  14. A new app that replaces your desktop icons with pictures of Kanye West
  15. A baby discovering his eyebrows move for the very first time
  16. David Sedaris’s discovery of the Fitbit
  17. The guide to training your iPhone to swear
  18. This collection of absurd historical “Yoments”
  19. The unlikely pronunciations of common tech words
  20. The best way to cure a hangover
  21. The most-pinned travel destinations in the world

You can also sign up to get these links on the daily, by e-mail, here. Otherwise — until next week!