Martha Stewart — noted domestic goddess, former felon and adorably enthusiastic late-adopter of all things tech — took to her personal blog Wednesday to celebrate her latest toy: A drone.

Yep, the Martha has a drone — two of them, in fact. In the May issue of her magazine, Stewart personally recommended the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. Since then she’s apparently upgraded, with a DJI Phantom flying camera that is “controversial but fabulous” and takes “extraordinary photos,” including some 31 aerial photos she posted to her blog.

Stewart has never been shy about her love of gadgets: She also has an iPad, which she calls “awesome,” and covers consumer tech with some regularity on her show and in her magazine. And personal drones and drone cams, once exclusively the pursuit of fringe hobbyists, are slowly creeping into the mainstream: The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that there could be 7,500 hobbyist drones in operation by 2019.

Still, there’s something a little jarring about hearing a drone endorsement from Stewart, a lady best-known for her embrace of all things fussy, florid and otherwise unmodern. It’s not a breakthrough moment for the technology, exactly — but it’s certainly a glimpse at how mainstream America might use it.

Then again, most of us don’t have lavish, many-acred estates worth documenting from the air. And given the murky legality around using drones in public spaces, you might want to hold off on following Stewart’s example, for now.