U.S. search activity for “okcupid” and “stomach hurts,” which follow similar search patterns over time. (Google)

Google, the world’s largest search engine/purported harbinger of the international zeitgeist, parses its troves of search data in any number of ways. Thanks to the glories of Google, we can see when certain topics rose to prominence and where. We can determine the urgent questions people need answers to. And we can tell which search terms correlate with each other, though frequently that data is meaningless — and even when it’s not, we can’t always say why.

Case in point: Searches for OkCupid, the online dating site, trend in the same places as the phrase “wherefore art thou Romeo” and “find a therapist.” Statistically meaningful? Probably not. Accidentally insightful? Yeah, actually.

In that spirit, we’ve looked up the correlations for a range of Internet terms; these lists aren’t exhaustive, and they’re not scientific, but they are accidentally … insightful! Even wise. (The numbers indicate the degree to which the two terms are correlated; closer to 1 = closer relationship.)

Correlated with OkCupid

0.9355 wherefore art thou Romeo
0.8981 we need to talk
0.8930 find a therapist
0.8804 feel it all
0.8747 never mind

Correlated with Facebook

0.8033 login facebook
0.7697 facebook login
0.7654 facebook sign up
0.7507 faebook.com
0.7415 faceboook.com
0.7356 homeschooled

Correlated with Airbnb

0.9219 leica m
0.9110 lucky peach
0.9029 kale salad
0.9026 panna cotta
0.9006 soba noodle
0.8993 meditation retreat

Correlated with Netflix

0.8962 drawing program
0.8916 bird wings
0.8811 watercolor pencils
0.8786 medicinal herbs

Correlated with Amazon

0.8584 fitted sheets
0.8235 heavy metals
0.8082 fairy lights
0.8060 storage jars
0.8050 kindle screen
0.7937 unfriend

Correlated with Google

0.8422 how to die in oregon
0.8269 move to oregon
0.8252 oregon state animal
0.8223 pictures of portland oregon

Correlated with Mark Zuckerberg

0.8942 social network
0.8685 jesse eisenberg
0.8475 thank you email after interview

Correlated with Tumblr

0.9368 symbol text
0.9185 big eyes
0.9183 flower crown
0.9000 winged eyeliner
0.8935 how to make gifs
0.8844 tyler posey
0.8771 delete account

Correlated with Reddit

0.8809 ftfy
0.8466 tldr
0.8462 reddit gold
0.8094 dogecoin
0.7965 bacon number louis ck

Correlated with Tinder

0.8670 tinder app
0.8194 original broadway cast
0.7987 theater resume
0.7873 end scene
0.7809 callbacks
0.7771 so hot right now

Correlated with Buzzfeed

0.9257 thought catalog
0.9079 fomo
0.8762 national portrait gallery london
0.8762 infinite jest
0.8751 new york times magazine

Correlated with meme

0.9197 guy meme
0.9176 girl meme
0.9035 bad meme
0.8918 man meme
0.8850 face meme
0.8825 it meme
0.8687 you meme
0.8668 girlfriend meme
0.8601 jesus meme
0.8467 i see what you did there

Correlated with hoax

0.9005 prepping
0.8922 bolt kit
0.8901 diy
0.8858 military grade
0.8840 weapons and armor
0.8832 sharpen a knife

Correlated with selfie

0.9076 wrecking ball lyrics
0.8865 ben affleck batman
0.8802 bad grandpa
0.8694 ps4
0.8616 katy perry dark horse

Correlated with hashtag

0.7639 untag
0.7515 off button
0.7499 push notifications
0.7470 if our love is tragedy why are you my remedy

Correlated with potato salad

0.8439 growing
0.8435 handmade
0.8379 chicks for sale
0.8347 making butter
0.8335 lumber price
0.8335 small chicken
0.8330 woodworking tools

Our takeaways? Online dating is painful, Airbnb is bougie … and Google is a source of constant, serendipitous gems.