A screenshot from one of many #BostonBlizzardChallenge videos currently circling on Vine and Instagram.

Teens! Oh the teens. What won’t they do next!

How about diving into Boston snowbanks nearly nude so other teens on Vine will think they’re cool? Ah, the winter of 2015. Social media truly has enriched our lives.

The premise is this: It snowed a lot in Boston this week! More than New York, less than parts of Connecticut, but still like two feet. So in an Ice Bucket Challenge-esque show of bravery and raw machismo, teens (and some early 20-somethings, basically anyone too young to remember like, Care Bears or whatever hip 80s cultural reference you choose) are stripping down to their skivvies and jumping into piles of snow.

Let’s check in with the arbiters of cultural cool in America 2k15, the #teens. Note: Some of these videos contain strong language that might not be agreeable to you non-teens; we recommend watching on mute. 

#bostonblizzardchallenge with @lindanewyen 😂

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Okay! It’s a snowstorm, let the people have their fun, and teens are gonna do whatever they dang well please anyway. This is already the winter they’ve shown us they have literally no fear of the elements, so this probably isn’t going to stop until the snow melts and/or ugh someone super lame starts doing it like 27-year-olds or something.

But this is hardly the first time teens have gone up against the extremes of nature and come out victorious. Remember when they were lighting themselves on fire in search of Vine glory then suffering severe burns all in sacrifice of their six seconds?

A 16-year-old California boy poured nail polish remover on his chest and lit it on fire. It was part of a dangerous new trend spreading on social media that has teens setting themselves on fire. (Reuters)


#LMFAO indeed. Burns on fleek.

Or hey! Remember that time they were snorting condoms to conquer the “Condom Challenge?” That was a good one! Or what about when they were burning their skin off with erasers for the “Eraser Challenge“? That was a good one, too. And who could forget the time they subjected themselves to the “Hot Pepper Challenge,” devouring scorching hot peppers just to prove they could do it! To be a teen in the modern age.

Are any of these trends actually real, or actually as widespread as The Lamestream Media would have us believe? No, no, most definitely not. A few dummies on Vine or YouTube does not a trend make. But that doesn’t mean the lone few, the thrill-seekers, the ones without proper parental supervision, won’t keep coming up with dumber and dumber things to film themselves doing. Fake Internet fame is a real thing, and teens can’t get enough of it.