Tillman the skateboarding dog, a 10-year old bulldog who loved skateboarding and surfing so so so much, has died.

“My best bud Tillman passed away last night. We shared so many memories skating, surfing and hanging out together. No words can truly describe how much he’ll be missed. Thanks for all the good times, Tilly.” Tillman’s owner Ron Davis wrote on Tillman’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

Tillman died on Tuesday, Davis told the Ventura County Star, after developing a heart muscle disease this summer. He was traveling to a pet hospital when he died.

Tillman became a star after a video of him skateboarding around like a champion went viral in 2007, and that video ended up in an iPhone advertisement:

“Tillman’s a freak,” Davis told VICE last year in a profile of Tillman. “He’s not normal. He was the runt of the litter and not the biggest guy, but he’s tough, and all he wants to do is ride.”

Tillman was a “total ham,” Davis said last year. “He’s been the star of a reality show, and he’s skated in Times Square, and nothing seems to faze him. I get more nervous than he does.”

The bulldog set a Guinness World Record for the fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog:

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