Far be it for us to rain on the joyous Twitter parade that’s followed @hillaryclinton since it tweeted that “sick” “burn” to Donald Trump on Thursday. Whatever your politics, it IS kind of nice to see someone return Trump’s Twitter bombastry.

That said, a quick fact-check is in order: Clinton, the 68-year-old grandmother who thinks “going viral” refers to disease, did not actually, personally send that tweet. In fact, it’s likely that the candidate never so much as saw or approved the message before it went out and became Thursday’s Big Twitter Thing. If she had, custom dictates, the message would have been signed with the initial “–H.” And even those tweets, rumor has it, don’t always come straight from the candidate.

Instead, they come from a very savvy, well-resourced team of several dozen social and digital media strategists, all working out of the Clinton campaign’s Brooklyn offices. Profiling the team last January, USA Today likened it to “a new media startup,” like Vox or Buzzfeed; Jake Horowitz, the founder of Mic — another new media startup in that vein — described it as a “sophisticated operation.”

What’s the point of mentioning all this? I imagine that to most Twitter-savvy humans, it’s pretty obvious. But there’s also a certain irony here that I think is kind of glorious. Clinton’s “so, so real” tweet, her personal “slam”, the message celebrated the Internet-over for defying the impression that Clinton’s too insincere and/or manufactured, was actually engineered for just that purpose by a member of a team of highly paid experts.

This is politics in 2016, you guys! We should all be very proud.

Or, as Trump put it:


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