The title of the link currently sitting at the top of a popular Reddit community is pretty straightforward: “Ruin My Search History – Ruin your Google search history with a single click.” Click it, and the link will do exactly what it says: it will run a series of Google searches, roughly escalating in potential to ruin your online life.

Those searches, which start once you click the “search” icon on the page, include some of the embarrassing but ultimately harmless results seen in the GIF above, before moving on to some more personal, offensive, or disturbing queries — all of which, it should be said, seem to assume that the user is an adult male who is married to a woman.

For example, the site runs a search for ‘attracted to mother why,’ and several queries implying health concerns about the user’s (assumed to be male) genitalia.  A search for ‘country low age of consent’ is followed directly by one for ‘flights philippines.’ And that’s all before the site begins to search for information about the Islamic State.

The Internet is full of sites that exist solely to do or show you terrible things — like goatse or lemonparty. And Redditors are usually pretty on guard for this sort of stuff. But “Ruin my Search History” was first posted to a popular subreddit called r/InternetisBeautiful, a a place where most visitors, maybe, aren’t expecting to find destructive chaos.

Although most of the top comments at this point seem to take the intended joke in stride, there were a few posts that seemed to express genuine concern. “As an middle eastern student living in germany, i lost my s— when that happened and started screaming no no no,” one Redditor wrote. “This is really worrying me right now.”

“I get that you’re concerned, but since this was probably clicked by a lot of people, you shouldn’t be,” another Redditor, replied. “I’m from Germany, and if it will make you feel any better, I will click that link later on.”

The whole thing prompted one of the forum’s moderators to weigh in — and add a bunch of flashy warnings to the post itself.

“The site functions as advertised,” the moderator comment reads. “Proceed at your own risk etc.”

Eventually, the person who created this monster of a site decided to respond to some of their “fans”

“OP here. I made this,” they wrote. “Sorry to everyone who ends up in Guantanamo off this. But imagine how many times I ran this when testing it. See you there?”

A link to the Reddit post is here, and obviously please heed the warnings above about clicking through on the actual post. Also, apropos of nothing, you can manually modify your search results on Google by clicking this link. 

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