This is part two of our attempt to identify the best Vine of all time (with your help!). This page includes sports-related Vines and “weird” Vines.

Note that some of these Vines contain bad language, so please avoid listening to them if you are averse to that sort of thing.

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Sports (ish)

1. Getting crossed over (a baby)

2. Getting crossed over (a dog)

3. “Camp”

4. Spelling bee kid

5. Profound wisdom

6. “Lance Stephenson blows in LeBron James’ ear, set to Pony”

Weird Vine

1. Jeb Bush loves Technology

2. Duck army

3. A potato flew around my room

4. Fire alarm moves

5. “good boy”

6. Ryan gosling won’t eat his cereal

Ric Sanchez, Teddy Amenabar, Victoria M. Walker, Gene Park and David Malitz contributed to this possibly ill-advised quest.

( Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)