(This is part of an occasional series in which we explain what’s behind a popular meme. We like to call it memesplaining; you might call it meme-ruining. Regardless, if you just chanced upon a joke, tweet, image, app or GIF you don’t understand, we have the answers — insofar as answers can be had.)

The meme: “American Chopper”

Two white men yelling over each other on the Internet is so commonplace that most wouldn’t give it a second glance.

But what if those very angry men were having a very nuanced discussion about the gender pay gap? Or Garfield? Or a metacommentary on the rhetorical structure of jokes?

Enter the “American Chopper” meme, which employs a very specific joke form to win arguments against the straw men in your head, using screenshots from the mid-2000s TV show “American Chopper.”

Below, we’ve explained pretty much everything you need to know about it in the only correct way: with more “American Chopper” memes.

How does this meme work?

Can you give me an example?

Why do people like it?

Did that many people watch “American Chopper”?

Is this meme too dang tall?

Has this meme already crossed over with other memes?

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