An Instagram poll, created by a Georgia teen and then re-posted to Reddit and YouTube, asked a simple question: When you listen to a specific audio clip, do you hear the word “Yanny” or “Laurel”? Not everyone agreed on the answer, which is why it went viral.

Then came a stampede of articles, explainers and fun science experiments examining why we are all so divided by an audio clip. Some of that content has been pretty smart. After all, “Yanny or Laurel” is going viral because of human curiosity about something that doesn’t quite make sense.

Sadly, this particular article is not one of the smart ones. Let’s talk about the brands, instead.

As “Yanny or Laurel” exploded into “the dress” levels of exposure, the brands did what was inevitable: They began to tweet about the question, hoping to grab some of that attention for their own.

For a thirsty brand, the only thing better than April Fools’ Day is a hugely viral meme.

Below is a selection of this onslaught. Behold, and weep.

So far, I have found two acceptable brand tweets about this. One is Wendy’s, because it is responding to a request to weigh in on a modified version of the meme. And MoonPie’s because it is just good: