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A documentary explores the choices one game developer made while telling the story of his own son's illness.

A new study finds Pokémon Go got sedentary players out of the house — but only for a little bit.

"I pass by centuries of magnificent art, carved marble and cast bronze, oblivious to anything that isn't Pokémon."

Some places you might want to check out -- or avoid -- over the coming weekend.

It's a rare, brilliant spark in the dumpster fire that is the mobile-gaming industry.

“Join us!" one player called to me. “We see you over there! Be one of us!”

An apparently unpopular opinion.

"This could easily have been a horror story if someone who didn't know what the game was lived here."

The reputation of "World of Warcraft's" players "could make or break this game."

Rust is an online survival game where each player is randomly assigned their character's appearance.

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