The reaction to the March for Our Lives is exposing the starkly different ways the nation sees the Parkland students.

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YouTube and Facebook have come under fire for trending Parkland shooting conspiracy theories. They're only part of the problem.

Conspiracy theories always arrive after a mass shooting in America. The Parkland school massacre was no different.

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We are sorry to inform you that you might have fallen for a viral Facebook hoax — again.

Shane Missler won the $450 million dollar jackpot. He's not giving away $5,000 to the first 50,000 people who like and retweet him on Twitter.

Falsehoods spread online prompt a real-world police response and a store closure.

Police say he's 67-year-old Michael Neu, who's facing 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering.

When a congressman named the Texas shooter as “Sam Hyde” on TV, fantasies once consigned to the fringes of the Internet had crept into real life.

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Trolls have spread rumors about fake victims, and gunmen, in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

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Geary Danley was not the gunman in Las Vegas. But would-be sleuths on the far-right Internet are promoting a rumor that he was.

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