The iPhone 7 is enjoying a new sales bump, while the iPhone 8 line isn't flying off shelves at the pace of its predecessors, according to an analyst report.

The two companies may face tough regulatory review.

It's time to update your devices and the firmware of your router.

You might want to avoid the fact-checking site for now.

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The company is on track to lose more video subscribers this quarter than it gained.

Equifax has taken one of its Web pages offline following a report that an independent security researcher encountered malicious links during multiple visits to the company's website.

Sandberg: "But the question is: should divisive political or issue ads run? Our answer is yes."

Facebook said it squashed “a bug.” Researchers say it is hiding crucial information.

Ordinary Americans unwittingly played a key role in spreading Russian content.

Facebook wants “a billion people” to use virtual reality, and this is how it plans to get there.

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