Forcing teens to take a social media break can have an effect on their emotional support and access to important information, according to a study.

A new study finds stunning differences among minority groups working in tech.

Tech companies and Internet providers are poised for another dramatic showdown as the head of the Federal Communications Commission revealed a plan Wednesday for rolling back his predecessor's rules mandating a free and open Internet.

The Echo Look is a $200 voice-activated camera that will take full-length pictures of your outfits and assess your fashion sense.

With student loan payments kicking in, saving and investing aren't always the high priorities they should be. These apps make things easier.

The reaction to a recent report highlights the difference between how companies and consumers view data collection — and also points to how almost any company can deal in the selling of data.

Telecom giants are learning to see value in a type of plan they once shunned.

There's another battle ahead between tech companies and Internet service providers over the future of the Web.

Google’s going to start asking you for help with its search results rather than relying solely on its algorithms.

The telecom giant is leaping into the gigabit wars.

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