Name the subject, and Russian disinformation operatives had a playbook on how to pass themselves off as politically active Americans to manipulate U.S. voters. The same tactics honed during the 2016 election carried over into the run-up to the midterms.

The financial ties between the Saudi government and the tech industry underscore the delusion of an enlightened tech sector, says Giridharadas.

The move signals an attempt for the all-electric automaker to get back to business after months of controversy.

Clegg will take over from Elliot Schrage and could put the company on a stronger footing in Europe.

"Paul deserved more time in life. He would have made the most of it," Gates wrote in an essay in the Wall Street Journal.

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Everyone now knows the Web is filled with lies. So then how do fake Facebook posts, YouTube videos and tweets keep making suckers of us?

After years of self-driving hype, companies are taking a more subdued approach to addressing the tough realities of the most complicated robotic system ever built.

Twitter accounts originating in Iran masqueraded as foreign journalists and concerned U.S. citizens in an attempt to push political messages, according to new research.

Chairman Ajit Pai slammed carriers such as AT&T and Verizon for their "completely unacceptable" response to the storm.

Google is ending a controversial practice in Europe whereby it required smartphone makers seeking to pre-install Google’s app store to also add other Google apps, such as search and Chrome.

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