The FCC chairman said he relied on the agency’s chief information officer in claiming that the FCC had suffered a cyberattack last year — even though he suspected that this wasn’t the case.

Alexa and Cortana will talk to each other but won't share secrets, the companies said.

Facebook shared some details of the progress it's made in Myanmar.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media platform so that it doesn’t enable the spread of hate speech, harassment and false news, including conspiracy theories shared by prominent users like Alex Jones and Infowars.

Switching off location tracking doesn't stop all of Google's tools. Here's how to track where Google's tracking you.

The board of the electric car company formed a three-person panel to consider a deal, the company said Tuesday.

In a recent survey asking what the most anticipated smartphone launch of the year was, "None" came in third.

Some merciful participants said they felt sorry for Nao and his fear of the void.

Major console makers are rolling in dough, but also talking about what happens when the console disappears altogether.

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