The electric-car company would be taking on services such as Spotify and Apple Music with much larger followings.

The future of Travis Kalanick and Uber, the company he ran until this week, remain deeply intertwined.

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Ajit Pai on his meetings with Trump: "To me, we are all sailors with oars in the same boat."

The streaming music service seeks to use its growing user base as leverage to renegotiate better deals with record labels. As it seeks to overtake Spotify, it is also offering a promotion on Groupon.

Blame the ever-growing size of apps.

OneWeb just became the first to get approval to build satellite Internet for the U.S.

On the docket: Drones, Internet access and startup funding.

Facebook is rolling out the changes in India first, so U.S. users will have to rely on other means for now.

Pokémon Go's new updates make it easier to play with your friends.

All the events leading up to CEO Travis Kalanick's resignation.

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