Google’s move to cut developers off from scanning people’s Gmail for ad targeting might go unnoticed by most users -- but it could upend a whole segment of apps, highlighting the outsized power and influence Google wields as a gatekeeper of data.

An online attack that forced Facebook to log out 90 million users last month directly affected 29 million people on the social network, the company said Friday as it released new details about the scope of an incident that has regulators and law enforcement on high alert.

The Federal Communications Commission told a federal court on Thursday that it acted properly when it eliminated net neutrality rules, marking its first salvo in battling back claims that the repeal was illegal.

Facebook cracked down on over 800 accounts and publishers on Thursday, saying that the politically-oriented accounts violated its policies against spam.

The contracts went to the United Launch Alliance (ULA), Northrop Grumman and Blue Origin.

The agency's watchdog found that Boeing, the main contractor, is expected to burn through the remaining contract funds by early next year, three years ahead of time and without delivering a single rocket stage.

The merger will allow CVS to turn its locations into medical hubs for more basic services.

Snap announced a series of 12 scripted shows on Snapchat Wednesday in an effort to spark a renewed interest in the app as it hemorrhages users and money.

Google’s new smartphone can screen calls and take its own photos using artificial intelligence. Is that enough to overcome data worries, and win converts from Samsung and Apple?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the tech industry shouldn't shy away from the problems that have confronted the industry this year. “Having the scrutiny is actually good,” he said.

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