Uber will include at least one woman and one minority candidate during interviews for key positions.

Susan Fowler is not impressed.

A highly-anticipated report about Uber's corporate culture is released, but key details are withheld.

And Marissa Mayer will resign with a “golden parachute” worth just over $23 million.

Microsoft pulled out all the stops this week — flashing lights, pounding music, fake smoke — to debut its new $500 game console, aimed at the kind of hardcore gamer who appreciates a good glamour shot of a microprocessor.

The 'Covfefe' Act would clarify that social media posts area presidential records

And Uber will release Eric Holder’s workplace culture recommendations, but not the full report.

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The iPad Pro gets some extra polish, but the real value will come with the release of iOS 11.

The company shifts into crisis mode.

The Electronic Entertainment expo is next week — here's what we're looking for.

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