Apple CEO Tim Cook promised updates to each of Apple's operating systems — for the Apple TV, the Apple Watch, mobile devices and computers — plus some additional announcements that he promises will be “major.”

Joined by investors, universities and local government officials, many of tech's biggest names are backing the Paris agreement.

Google Chrome will soon block the most obnoxious ads.

The tech giant has not produced as much innovation when it comes to showing what's next for tech.

The online services will launch in 2018.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg explained why he still thinks of Facebook as a technology company, and not a media firm.

Speculation over what Apple will do to compete in the home hub market is spinning up ahead of Apple's annual developer's conference next week.

A compromised database led to a massive car heist.

Both Netflix and AT&T are hinting the current fight is moot.

Musk is about ready to give up on advising the White House.

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