After over 3000 images and over 51,000 forum posts in "The One True Thread" discussing the storyline, xkcd's Time series appears to have come to an end on Friday. In terms of sheer images, Time has surpassed the total of regular xkcd comics which currently stands at 1244.

All good things come to an end -- including xkcd 1190: Time. (Credit: xkcd)

The series, which follows an adventure featuring recurring xkcd characters "Cueball" and "Megan", was an animation made from frames posted as xkcd comic 1190 at regular intervals starting at midnight Eastern time on March 25, 2013. The first 120 hours featured the frame refreshing every half hour and since then slowing to every hour.

Xkcd's author Randall Munroe is known for pushing the proverbial envelope when it comes to using the digital medium for complex storytelling, like the vast drag-able world hidden in comic 1110.

"Time" is no exception. What starts with the protagonists building a sandcastle, ever-so-slowly escalates to an odyssey that involves shifting geography, dangerous beasts (snakes and giant cats, oh my!), and foreign tribes.

But you don't need to take my word for it, you can read or watch the whole thing for yourself. A whole slew of options for consumption are available including blitzing the entire comic archive available here, a scrollable version, or straight animation.