The war between Apple and Samsung spans so many fronts, in so many different countries, that it's sometimes hard to tell who's on top.

Take a U.S. International Trade Commission finding Friday that Samsung cellphones violated two Apple patents. Reports have been quick to label the decision a victory for Apple — especially in light of a recent intervention by the Obama administration overturning a ban on iPhone imports, also in connection with another (but different!) patent dispute. But while Apple may have won this particular legal encounter, Samsung is still in a stronger position to win the broader war for dominance of the smartphone market.

As part of Friday's ruling, the International Trade Commission is expected to issue a ban on imports of Samsung phones as a penalty for the infringement:

Some Samsung devices infringe two Apple patents for multitouch features and headphone jack detection, while newer devices work around those patents, the U.S. International Trade Commission said in a notice posted on its website yesterday. The trade agency cleared Samsung of infringing patents for the design of the iPhone.