Maybe you haven't noticed that there's a severe deficit of female playable characters in video games. But the blogger who goes by AVB certainly has, creating this fabulous bingo card of reasons given by video game creators for not including female characters. According to AVB:

All these excuses are 100% real and reiterated only with the slightest sarcastic inflection. They were all uttered with complete seriousness, though whether from sheer naiveté or callous indifference I couldn’t tell you. The point is they’re all excuses.

The only thing that could possibly make the bingo card better is if it included sourcing for each statement.

As Ben Kuchera at The Penny Arcade Report noted last year, games with exclusively female heroes are rare -- and those that do exist are almost always released with little marketing fanfare. That's particularly frustrating because there are plenty of female gamers out there besides myself and my extremely talented colleague Hayley Tsukayama. In fact, nearly half of game purchasers in 2012 were female.