Computer gaming distribution network and community Steam is branching out into the OS market -- and they're doing it with Linux. The gaming giant announced plans to launch a Linux based "SteamOS" aimed at taking over the living room, a space traditionally monopolized by consoles. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell declared Linux the future of gaming earlier this month, after the company brought Steam to Linux in February.

According to the announcement, the free operating system will be built around the Steam platform itself. Valve also says it will allow in-home streaming from PCs running Steam and family game sharing, parental controls, and they are "working with many of the media services" users are already familiar with so music, TV, and movie options will be available.

But the SteamOS announcement is only one of what is expected to be a series of three announcements this week. Will the next one be the long rumored dedicated hardware set up, the Steambox?