Today's Google Doodle celebrates 123 years of Yosemite National Park. But much like NASA, the Yosemite is having a pretty depressing birthday: The park is in the process of closing due to the government shutdown. According to the agency's contingency plan, 21,379 of the National Park Service's 24,645 employees have been furloughed. Of the remaining 3,266 excepted employees, 2,139 of them are emergency personnel like EMTs, law enforcement, or wildland fire control personnel.

The shutdown process for National Parks will take place in two phases. Phase one, presumably in effect now, "includes all activities to notify the public of the closure, secure government records and property, and begin winding down operations to essential activities only" and is supposed to last a day and a half. It also involves kicking out all day use visitors. Phase 2 includes "the complete shutdown of all concession facilities and commercial visitor services." Current overnight visitors will be given two days to make other arrangements and get out. Both phases are supposed to be completed within four days.