As we warned you yesterday, Congress's inability to keep the government open has forced the National Zoo to take away our beloved panda cub cam — along with all of their other animal cams and real-life access to the zoo.

But fear not, Internet. There are still plenty of places to watch adorable animals. We've helpfully cataloged a few of them for you below.


Nothing can ever replace Mei Xiang and her as-yet-unnamed female cub in our hearts, but there are still a lot of places you can watch other pandas online. If you want domestic baby pandas, the Atlanta Zoo has not one but two baby pandas, also not named yet, that make appearances on its panda cam. (Fun fact: Pandas are typically not named until 100 days after birth.) For adult pandas, the San Diego Zoo runs a panda cam, as does the Memphis Zoo. If you're willing to watch pandas overseas, there's a site with streams from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in the Sichuan province in Southwest China featuring an awful lot of pandas ranging from cubs to adults. Unfortunately, as of posting time, it is night there.

Other exotic animals

But if you just want exotic animals and don't care if they're pandas, your options open up even more. The Houston Zoo runs giraffe, chimpanzee and elephant cams among others. The Toledo Zoo can help you out with elephants too, as well as primates, seals and polar bears. If you want to be freed from the confines of zoos, offers several  cams of animals in the wild — like this one of bears in Alaska. Unfortunately, some of their cams (including most of the bear ones) appear to be run by the National Park Service, and it's not clear if they will remain up throughout a shutdown since most of their staff is being furloughed. But luckily, their bison cam is from Canada, so it will probably stay intact.


Let's be honest, finding these is about as easy as Googling "puppy cam." And you probably already have a favorite. But if you need help, the Pet Collective runs several live cams on Youtube, including Husky and Corgi pup cams.