Good news, everyone! Final Fantasy VI is coming to a mobile OS near you — well, at least if you have an Android or iOS device. And Final Fantasy VII might be on the way sometime in the future, too.

But while Final Fantasy VII may be the most well known of the series, here's are a few reasons Final Fantasy VI is the best.

Note: Beyond here, there will be some spoilers. So, stop reading if you haven't played the game or want to be completely surprised when you play it on your mobile device. 

1. Kefka is a villain you love to hate. He's a psychopath who literally goes from a joke to a god. And quite possibly the best video game villain of all time. Even his laugh is chilling.

2. Awesome female characters. Final Fantasy series has a lot of female characters, many of whom it is easy to get attached to — Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie might just be my video game spirit animal. But I'd argue that the triple threat of Terra, Celes and Relm were among the best developed in the series, despite being primarily depicted as sprites. And they didn't get tossed into a sequel where they have to search the world playing dress-up.

3. That time you fight a purple octopus in an opera house. Kefka isn't the only boss who provides comic relief. Remember Ultros?

4. You can recruit a yeti. His name is Umaro. I don't think I need to explain why that is amazing.

5. The whole package. I know, this is a bit of a cop-out. But the narrative arc, the character development and the actual gameplay combine to create an experience that very truly defines the JRPG genre.