Happy Halloween, Switchers! To celebrate this spooktacular time of year, we've put together a few of our favorite nerdy jack-o-lanterns.

Boo from Super Mario Brothers

First introduced in Super Mario Brothers 3, these ghosts only approached Mario if his back was turned.


(Via Flickr user DarbCU, used with permission)

This jack-o-lantern set, created by an electrical engineer, shocked us with its likeness to energy pioneer Nikola Tesla.

Lost Souls of Doom 

(reddit user PuyoDead, used with permission)

If you spent a lot of time playing "Doom," this flaming skull should look familiar to you. It took reddit user PuyoDead six hours to carve over two days with a small hobby knife and some clay sculpting tools.


This pumpkin depicting Jedi master Yoda is based on a design by the Pumpkin Wizard.

Space Invader

This pumpkin depicts the bad guys in the famous 1978 arcade game "Space Invaders."