These days, Sega is known mostly for producing software — like the battlefield-commander simulation Total War or the racing franchise Daytona. But to loyal fans, the company will always be tied to one of the most famous gaming consoles of all time: the Genesis — or as it was known internationally, the Mega Drive.

It's been 25 years since the Sega Genesis came out in Japan, and to mark the occasion, Sega opened up its archives for a book on the subject. Inside the 300-page tome will be a wealth of design drawings for both the console itself and the games that went with it. This, for instance, is what developers envisioned for the unit:

And for the controller:

For fans of the side-scroller punch-'em-up Streets of Rage, there'll be some original storyboard art to go along with the ending sequence:

(Read-Only Memory)

This is what the Genesis's hand-held cousin, the Nomad, looked like in 1995:

And a screencap from the classic game ESWAT, in which you play as a mechanically augmented police officer — take that, Deus Ex!

Shut up and take my money, you say? Well, all right, but the publisher doesn't really need it, seeing as its Kickstarter has already raised more than twice what it asked for with nearly a month still to go.