Internet hivemind reddit has found the perfect way to graphically translate YouTube's feelings of betrayal over the integration of Google+: This baby gif with the title "Google lately."

In the original gif, the baby is tricked into eating what appears to be a nutrient slush by being offered a bit of a KitKat, only to have the nutrient slush replace the delicious chocolate morsel at the last moment.

Since Google mandated the use of its social network in YouTube comments earlier this month, many users have expressed frustration and outrage with videos ranging from point by point take downs to twee profanity-ridden songs or flooding the new comment system with text art tanks.

The baby gif near perfectly encapsulates the bait and switch these users believe the Google+ integration represents for Youtube: Hijacking the video site's popularity to feed into the anemic social network. But it also shows the power dynamic: If users want to keep commenting on YouTube, they're going to have to start swallowing Google+.