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Thanks to long copyright terms, this amazing ‘Star Wars’ short can’t be a movie

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MORE. That's what you'll want after watching director Todd Sandler's take on the "Star Wars" universe, set in a future where Han Solo has had a kid. The fight choreography is fantastically executed for a fan production. The details are beautifully rendered, down to the galaxy spinning outside the window (are those panes the descendant of an Imperial design?).

But it's unlikely you'll ever see this movie brought to fruition. That's because, under our current copyright regime, the intellectual property protections for "Star Wars" won't be lifted for decades.

If we were still operating by the country's original copyright terms, George Lucas would have been able to claim protections for no more than 28 years. The ensuing deluge of third-party "Star Wars" art would have been enough to drown out any memory of Jar Jar Binks. Yes, it might have diluted the brand a bit. But judging by the clip above, the brand doesn't look half bad. Hat tip: Kotaku.