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Gamers are going to love Samsung’s ridiculous curved TV — someday

Samsung's 105-inch ultra-HD TV sports a curved screen. (AP Photo/Samsung Electronics)
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What's the resolution on the TV in your living room? 1080p? That's peanuts compared to this monster that Samsung just unveiled — a 105-inch behemoth that displays at ultra-high definition, or 2160p. And the most mind-boggling part? The screen is curved.

With the touch of a remote, the ends of Samsung's television pop out of its housing and bend toward the viewer. Anyone who's played a first-person shooter or a racing game knows that peripheral vision can provide a big advantage — which is why many gamers set up triple-monitor displays.

Samsung's new TV promises to provide the same immersive experience as three monitors on one, single, gigantic screen and at 4K resolution.

"The wider field of view and panoramic effect draws viewers in," said Joe Stinziano, the senior vice president of sales for Samsung's consumer electronics division.

Sure, it's a bit of overkill, particularly since even the newest consoles like the Xbox One top out at 1080p. The best gaming equipment on Earth can't take advantage of what Samsung has to offer here — not yet.

But curved screens are quickly catching on at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, where another device manufacturer, LG, unveiled a curved-screen smartphone called the G Flex.

The curved screens offer a glimpse into a future where bendy displays are everywhere — not just in your palm or in your living room. And when our gaming technology catches up, "Call of Duty" won't ever be the same again.