Fresh off the announcement that Google is releasing a version of Android made specifically for wearable devices, Motorola is set to unveil its take on the smartwatch to the world.

The remarkable thing about Motorola's smartwatch is that it actually looks, well, like a watch. The prototypes in Motorola's promotional images feature a watch with a round screen and digital versions of the good 'ol analog watchface. But these watches can also do such things as tell about the weather, hail a cab, give directions and send and receive messages.

Motorola says the watch, called the Moto 360, will be available this summer in "a selection of styles." (The use of 360 is probably a good indication that a round face will at least be one of those options.)

The electronics firm, which Google agreed to sell to Lenovo in January, is one of several companies partnering with Google to bring the Android operating system to wearable devices. LG has also announced its own Android-powered watch, the LG G Watch, and said it will release more details on that device in the "coming months."

Making it easier for developers already well-versed in Android to make apps for wearables, analysts say, is a key development for Google as it looks ahead to its next battle with Apple for app users' loyalty.

Speaking of apps, developers interested in making cool things for the Moto 360 can sign up for more information  on the company's Web site. And anyone interested in seeing what Motorola has planned for our increasingly intelligent wrists can sign up to see the Google Hangout reveal today (Wednesday) at 2 p.m., EDT.

For those who can't make it, check out the preview video below: