In World War I, tanks were little more than moving metal boxes. Over the years, they've gotten progressively more advanced. Now engineers are building a stealth tank armed with infrared camouflage and a radar profile that would make any fighter pilot jealous. And no, it's not being made by the United States.

The PL-01 is Poland's newest battle tank, and it'll be going into production as early as 2018. Mockups reveal a squat, angular vehicle designed by Obrum and BAE that'll throw off radar and thermal imaging. Don't let the threatening black paint mislead you, though; when it goes into the field, it'll likely be covered in the same camo paint that other vehicles receive to help defeat visual scanning.

The tank has a 350-degree viewing arc for maximum situational awareness, can reach speeds of 43 miles an hour on paved surfaces and fires a 120 mm gun at a rate of six rounds a minute. And if it's capable of what its creators claim, it can slip through a battlefield undetected.