(AP Photo/Netflix, Nathaniel E. Bell)

Published every weekday, the Switchboard highlights five tech policy stories you need to read.

The shrewd politics behind the Netflix price hike. "If you're on the fence about getting a Netflix subscription, you may want to act now," I write. "The company is hinting at a price hike that could hit sometime in the next couple months." Meanwhile, my colleague Cecilia Kang reports on Netflix's vocal opposition to the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

Reddit downgrades r/technology after censorship. "The category is no longer a "default subreddit", meaning it stops being one of two dozen communities promoted to new account holders," according to the BBC. "It follows a report by the Daily Dot that revealed headlines posted to the area had been secretly deleted if they featured certain words."

Study: Households spent 10 percent less on Amazon in states with online sales taxes. Bloomberg reports, "For online purchases of more than $300, sales fell by 24 percent, according to the report titled 'The Amazon Tax.'"

If Aereo wins, how can Aereo win? "So let’s say Aereo ends up winning, and the cloud computing services everyone uses today are safe for the future," writes Re/code. "What about Aereo’s future? That will still be very much an open question."

Apple offers free recycling of its products worldwide. "Apple is offering to recycle its products for free worldwide, and has included even third-party products like mobile phones and PCs in the program in some countries," according to Computerworld.