Today is May 4 -- and that's a very important day for two of The Switch's favorite things: "Star Wars" and "Arrested Development." So here is a gif of George Michael Bluth acting like early Internet sensation Star Wars Kid:

(Via gifatron)

Thanks to the similarity between the phrases "May the fourth" and "may the force be with you," today is known as "Star Wars Day."

And due to the conniving of the elder Bluths in "Arrested Development," it's also "Cinco de Cuatro" -- a holiday falling on the eve of Cinco de Mayo made up by matriarch Lucille to put a damper on the actual Cinco de Mayo festivities of their home town.

Yes,  that phrase literally means "fifth of four," not the 4th of May. But Arrested Development seems to have picked up the joke from a little gaffe made by President Obama when celebrating the real holiday in 2009.