The LG G Watch, one of the first wearable devices made in concert with Google, which uses the firm's official wearable version of Android. Courtesy of LG.

LG has announced a handful of new tablets and offered a sneak peek at its upcoming smartwatch, the LG G-Watch.

Expanding its G-Pad series, LG on Sunday introduced three new sizes of tablet -- in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch screen sizes -- to go head-to-head with a range of competitors' devices.

“Unlike smartphones, tablets are not one size fits all," said Jong-seok Park, president and chief executive of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, in a press release. "So we designed the G Pad Series for a diverse target audience, some who prioritize portability while others want the best multimedia experience possible. G Pad delivers on all counts.”

The extent to which the new devices actually "deliver" still remains to be seen, as LG has released very few  details about the tablets apart from their screen sizes. In fact, all the Korean firm is that they will have two of the company's most popular proprietary features, one which allows customers to knock on the screen to wake it up, and another that lets them connect their Android smartphones to the tablet to pick up call and message notifications across devices.

The company is officially debuting the tablets at a Monaco trade show this week.

LG also offered a tad more information on its upcoming smartwatch, the G-Watch, which is one of the first wearable technology devices to run Android Wear -- the version of Google's mobile operating system designed solely for smart accessories.

The company had originally confirmed the G-Watch's existence  back when Google first announced Android Wear in March. A new teaser video from the company gives users a better view of what it looks like and also reveals that the watch is water-resistant  -- in other words, it can stand up to a bit of  daily wear and tear.

LG's been looking to expand its device portfolio in recent years, using its expertise in screen design to offer larger smartphones and some tablets to appeal to video-hungry customers. While the firm trails Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market, LG has been a consistent -- though not constant -- player in the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world, particularly for its mid-priced and low-priced devices.

In the tablet world, it hasn't cracked the top-five list -- Apple, Samsung, Asus, and Microsoft, according to IDC shipping numbers released earlier this month -- but may hope that it can apply the same strategy to move up the list.