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Published every weekday, the Switchboard highlights five tech policy stories you need to read.

Getting to work on diversity at Google "We’ve always been reluctant to publish numbers about the diversity of our workforce at Google," according to a Google blog post. "We now realize we were wrong, and that it’s time to be candid about the issues. Put simply, Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity."

The epic technological transition that explains this year's spate of tech mergers. "Voice, video, data — sooner or later, it will all be carried over broadband," I write. "These companies know it. And they're preparing themselves for the epic slugfest ahead."

Inside the mind of Edward Snowden. In NBC News' wide-ranging interview, the former NSA contractor reveals his desire to come home, his training "as a spy" and that he sent a letter to the NSA's top lawyer complaining of abuses before leaking his materials.

Comcast CEO defends Time Warner Cable acquisition, downplays Netflix concerns. "[Brian] Roberts said there were at least four multichannel video providers in most of the markets that it’s entering through the Time Warner Cable acquisition," reports Techcrunch. "He also downplayed the impact that the purchase would have on the larger market."

Jimmy Iovine, a master of beats, lends Apple a skilled ear. "Apple’s new music impresario, Jimmy Iovine, didn’t start out writing code or studying computer engineering, the usual path of a Silicon Valley mogul," writes the New York Times. "Instead, his career began sweeping floors at New York City recording studios and fetching tea for John Lennon."