President Obama makes a statement on the improving economy at the start-up incubator 1776 in Washington on Thursday (EPA/Martin H. Simon/Pool)

President Obama dropped by for a quick visit to local startup hub 1776 to talk about this week's strong jobs numbers and the importance of entrepreneurship ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

1776 only got about an hour's heads-up on the visit, according to The Washington Post's Steven Overly. The president gave brief remarks that, among other points, called on Congress to reform the immigration system -- an issue of high importance to many tech companies looking for talented engineers.

"[There] are just a series of specific things we can do right now -- many of them I’m doing on my own because we have the administrative authority to do it, but some of them we can’t do without Congress," Obama said. "We can’t fix a broken immigration system that would allow incredibly talented folks who want to start businesses here and create jobs here in the United States, would allow them to stay and make those investments. That’s something that we need Congress to help us on."

The president spent well over an hour at 1776's office, and even commented on the group's open floor plan, according to a Facebook post from the tech and politics startup, Brigade.

"This is a cool place to work out of," Obama said.

The day the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing the U.S. added more than 200,000 jobs for the fifth-straight month, President Obama spoke about the encouraging numbers from D.C. startup hub 1776. (Associated Press)