Samsung just announced the list price  for its new 105-inch UHD television: $120,000.

Well, technically, $119,999.99.

Courtesy of Samsung

So what features are supposed to justify that price? For one, the screen on this television is curved -- one of the big new industry trends. A curved screen is supposed to make whatever you're watching feel more immersive, because it's taking up more of your peripheral vision. And the larger the screen, as you may imagine, the better that effect is. The company says the curve "creates the ultimate cinematic experience."

As you might expect, the set comes with a lot of bells and whistles in addition to its 11 million pixels. The TV also uses Samsung's Smart Hub, which means you can display your photos, videos and streaming services such as Netflix onto the big screen. Users can even split the TV screen into four, so they can watch television, stream video, and surf the Web all at once, for those willing to test their sensory overload.

The television also comes with some premium service. Not only is every unit build to order, but those who do buy it will receive an in-home visit from Samsung "Field Engineers" who will explain how the thing works and help you set it up in the best possible place.