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New Bash software bug may pose bigger threat than Heartbleed. Reuters reports: "Bash is the software used to control the command prompt on many Unix computers. Hackers can exploit a bug in Bash to take complete control of a targeted system, security experts said. . . . The 'Heartbleed' bug allowed hackers to spy on computers but not take control of them, according to Dan Guido, chief executive of a cybersecurity firm Trail of Bits."

Comcast accuses Time Warner Cable deal opponents of 'extortion.' "The cable giant’s latest salvo uses unusually strong language to attack its opponents," according to Re/code, "who are mostly upholding a long tradition of requesting that self-serving conditions be attached to a merger approval."

ALEC sees more losses as Facebook and Yelp jump ship, too. "On Wednesday, Facebook said it would no longer be supporting the conservative think tank. While the company didn't offer a specific reason for ending the relationship, the move came on the heels of an announcement Monday by Google that it would not be renewing its membership in ALEC at the end of the year."

Stanford promises not to use Google money for privacy research. Mashable reports: "Stanford University recently declared that it will not use money from Google to fund privacy research at its Center for Internet and Society, according to a legal filing made by the school."

Apple's fix for major iOS 8 bug coming in the 'next few days.' "Apple says it's working 'around the clock' on a fix to its 8.0.1 update, which went out Wednesday and proceeded to wreak havoc for owners of the company's newest iPhones," according to the Verge.